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<p>Our free, two-year program offers women survivors a sanctuary to heal and thrive.</p>



Tazara Hoops Tazara Hoops
Timba Bangle Timba Bangle
Suzya Earrings Suzya Earrings
Bentu Necklace Bentu Necklace
Save $14
Bentu Hoops Bentu Hoops
Bentu Hoops Made in Malawi by YEWO
Sale price$30 Regular price$44
Save $8
Doda Necklace Doda Necklace
Doda Necklace Made in Malawi by YEWO
Sale price$26 Regular price$34
Save $10
Yosay Bangle Yosay Bangle
Yosay Bangle Made in Malawi by YEWO
Sale price$24 Regular price$34
Save $8
Nyondo Studs Nyondo Studs
Nyondo Studs Made in Malawi by YEWO
Sale price$20 Regular price$28
Pamoza Necklace Pamoza Necklace
Pamoza Stud Earrings Pamoza Stud Earrings
Pawalo Bead Earrings Pawalo Bead Earrings


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