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Our free, two year residential program offers women survivors of trafficking and exploitation a sanctuary to heal and thrive

Most of the women we serve first experienced sexual abuse between ages 7-11, began using alcohol or drugs by age 13, and end up on the streets between the ages of 14 and 16. 

But we believe that love is more powerful than all the forces that drive women to the street, and a strong community will help them not only heal, but thrive.

Through our social enterprises, we fund our mission and create employment for the residents and graduates of our program.

We can do better than shelter, treatment, and halfway houses. We can offer something lavish, practical, relevant, and safe. I wanted to build a shelter like we do a cathedral.

Becca Stevens, Thistle Farms Founder and President

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Gift your services to help us share our mission and products with the world. 

In doing so, you help us light the way home for the next woman.

Free Products

Receive gifted natural body and home products, and globally sourced artisanal home, jewelry, and fashion items. 

After your content is created, the products are yours to keep!

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Receive a Gift In-Kind receipt for the value you would have charged another company. 

Your donation can then be deducted from your next tax filing as a charitable contribution.

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Upcoming Campaigns

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Mother's Day Campaign

This Mother’s Day, give the gift of sanctuary. 

Help make our survivor-made products top-of-mind for those looking for the perfect gift for mom. 

Special Feature: Our Gift Set collaboration with Brahmin.

Grateful For These Amazing Humans (and more!)

Support for our mission has grown largely by word of mouth. First through parties in the living rooms of Nashville - then through people who shared us with their followers.

Jen Hatmaker

Jon Acuff

Jasmine Sweet

Thistle Farms Social Strategist

Meet Taylor

Taylor has 6 years of experience in social media marketing and content creation.

When she’s not attached to her phone scrolling TikTok, Taylor loves traveling the world and experiencing new cultures with her partner, Donnie.

Taylor recently joined Thistle Farm’s Marketing team and is thrilled to launch our creator program. She will be your main contact for creator partnerships.

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