Global Shared Trade
Addressing the universal issues of sexual assault, trafficking, prostitution, and extreme poverty through a network of social enterprises to increase dignity and economic freedom.

Shared Trade

More Than Fair

Connecting Women Producers To Socially Conscious Consumers


Artisan partners in 20 countries.


Survivor artisans employed by partner organizations.


Average revenue returned to our partners.

Shared Trade Advantage

Global partners gain access to a network of similar missions and benefit from inclusion in a larger community. 

With the support of Thistle Farms Global, partner enterprises are able to hire more women, increase wages and reinvest in the needs of their communities.

Our Partners Share These Values

Dignified Employment

We partner with organizations committed to offering a safe and healthy work environment, including fair wages. 

Women Focused

Our partners employ majority women artisans and leadership to continue the growth of women at the center of their mission. 

Community Development

In addition to economic development, our partners also provide programs, such as healthcare, childcare, food security, residential homes, agricultural development, and legal advocacy. 

Accelerator Program

Growing Justice Partnerships

Emergency Relief Grant During COVID-19


Of our artisan groups had to stop production to protect their artisans and communities.

4.5 months

The average duration artisan groups halted production during quarantine.


Loss in revenue reported by our Global Partners during the first 6 months of the pandemic.

Relief Grant Recipients

In response to COVID-19, Thistle Farms Global created a Relief Grant program for carefully selected  Global Partners, to support artisan and community well-being, product financing, village sanitation, and eco-sustainable projects.

Beljoy, Haiti - Two homes were built for artisans in need of safe secure housing.

Collective Humanity, Cambodia - Built the first water hygiene and sanitation station in their village, essential in a time when hand washing can save lives. 

Ikirezi, Uganda - Farmers wages were paid to support the workers and the community.

Love Welcomes, Greece - Artisan wages were and community support.

Mission Lazarus, Honduras  - Artisan wages and community support.

Moringa Madres, Mexico  - Artisan wages and community support.

Northside Healing Space, USA - Housing stability through funding rent and support for utilities to keep families in their homes in the United States. 

Sibimbe, Ecuador - Artisan wages and community support.

YEWO, Malawi - Built a  solar-power system for the workshop, while generators and batteries were limited during the lockdown.