Shared Trade™

An aligned network of artisan enterprises supporting women’s dignity and economic freedom.

Shared Trade ™

Advancing Equity in the Global Value Chain

Partner Criteria

Dignified Employment

Provides economic freedom through dignifying work and living wages, often maintaining or restoring traditional local crafts.

Direct Supply Chain

Creates opportunities for a greater profit to reinvest in the community by cutting out distributors.

Community Development

Supplies a programmatic element within their company to support their employees and/or community.

A Friendship First Model

Access to an international community of support and increased markets amplifies artisan voices and eliminates isolation, maintaining artisan wellness at the center. Valuing artisan makers, especially women, lifts communities out of extreme poverty and creates healing for families.

More than Fair

Shared Trade™

Our model for international trade increases the value of artisans in the market chain, through an increased percentage of sales and access to a global community of support.


Artisan Partners in 21 Countries


Artisans Employed by Partner Organizations


Average Revenue Returned to Our Partners

Program Components

While working with our partners, we heard a recurring theme: their needs as a social enterprise are as unique as they are. We developed these programs to be able to provide value and support at each stage of growth.

Collaboration Program

We connect Artisan Partners with volunteer professionals who offer advice, tools, and analysis over a 6-month collaboration.

Our program eliminates the power dynamic that exists in traditional mentorship by holding a strengths-based and relationship-first perspective.

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Small Grants

During the early months of the pandemic, 95% of our artisan partners stopped production. Nine of our partners received small grants to offset the financial impact.

Since then our small grants program has expanded to multi-annual granting cycles.

Global Network

An international community of social enterprises that gathers for monthly webinars, virtual events, and connection groups.

Global Partners have access to business development tools, community resources, and opportunities for connection with a sisterhood of like-minded leaders.

Accelerator Program

A committed process of collaboration, strategic planning, resource acquisition, and enterprise expansion for Global Partners who are ready to create new growth.

Each year, one partner is selected for an 18-24 month long commitment to accelerated growth.

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