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Nourishing Body Butter

  • A light twist on traditional “body butter”. Nourishing Body Butter by Thistle Farms provides all the benefits of thick creams with less bulk and more healing hydration. Available in two scents our body butter glides on like silk with a refreshingly airy application.

    - Available in; Citrus Wood & Lavender
    - Leaves skin silky, not greasy
    - Pure essential and botanical oils

    Usage: Apply onto damp skin for ultimate hydration. Massage into sore areas and experience the healing benefits of essential oils.

  • At Thistle Farms, we do not use synthetic preservatives or stabilizers in our products, instead ,   we use high-quality natural ingredients  and essential oils. Specific natural products are sensitive to the heat and may thin during the summer months. If you notice your all natural Nourishing Body Butter, Enriching Body Lotion, or Moisturizing Hand Lotion thinning  , we recommend refrigerating the product overnight. This will help the   product thicken to   its original consistency.

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