National Network

Thistle Farms hosts the largest network in the United States committed to a housing-first model for survivors.

A Survivor Led Movement

Women survivors emerged from Thistle Farms equipped to lead. They are at the helm of this national movement.

Advocates, survivors, and artisans know that working together enables all groups to thrive.

Each organization is independent, but shares the same core values and is able to sustainably grow and evolve.


Beds across the country for women survivors.


Sister organizations in our network, with 57 open residential programs.


Residential organizations still in development.

Strength in Community


Access to opportunities for collaboration, support, and community.


Innovation and accelerated development through sharing diverse perspectives.


Greater impact by improving access to and strategic mobilization of resources.


Expanded reach through a unified mission and voice.

Network Expectations

1. Implement Thistle Farms principles and meet benchmarks set forth in the Survivor-Leader pathway.
2. Commit to transparency through program assessment and outcome sharing.
3. Contribute information and experience to sister organizations, acknowledging roles as mentor and mentee.
4. Collaborate through forums, conference calls, workshops, and conferences.