Love lights
the way home
Together, we provide survivors of trafficking, prostitution,
and addiction the time and space needed to heal.
Give Today

Your Support In Action

Your donation gives a woman a safe place to live, a meaningful job, and a lifelong sisterhood of support that will help her live a life that she never thought was possible. Here are examples of how your support is invested:

Provides a weekly stipend for personal needs.

Pays for a counseling session.

Helps cover food for a month.

Helps with annual utilities per resident.

Assists with medical expenses. 

Matches a savings account upon program completion.

Program Completion


After two years in the residential program, women become candidates for graduation, a celebratory event that takes place each spring. 

Following  graduation, many women move into full-time positions with one of Thistle Farms’ social enterprises. Others take the skills they have acquired and pursue work elsewhere in the community.

Give Monthly

Monthly donors receive an exclusive tote, decal or magnet, quarterly stewardship reports, and product discounts. 

Matching Gifts

Many employers match their employee’s charitable contributions. Contact your Human Resource office to learn more.

Honor Gifts

Celebrate your a loved one with the gift of hope. Honorees receive a handwritten thank you, highlighting the impact of your gift.

Corporate Partnerships

We proudly partner with organizations for philanthropy, sponsorships, volunteering, corporate gifts, event space, catering, commercial hand soap and sanitizer, and more. 

Love Heals

Five years after program completion, 75% of our graduates are living healthy, independent lives. Broken relationships have been restored. Hopelessness has been replaced with hope.


Nights of safe, supportive housing.


Beds across the country for women survivors.


Artisan partners in 20 countries.