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Volunteer or Visit

There are many ways to be a part of the Thistle Farms community - both locally and virtually. If you are in Nashville on Wednesdays, we invite you to learn more about our organization and join our community circle.

Volunteer with Us


Volunteer opportunities are available for groups of 2-10.
Large group projects are available through our corporate partnership program. Ideally, participants must be 18 years old or over.

Examples of volunteer activities include:

  • Gift set assembly
  • Boxing candles
  • Tagging apparel
  • Gardening
  • Administrative tasks - mailings, etc.

We’re committed to providing long distance ways to show your support

Virtual Volunteering


Earn donations for Thistle Farms via Amazon Smile or Kroger Points.


Host a fundraiser on Facebook to help spread the word and raise funds for Thistle Farms. Birthday, sobriety milestone, or for no occasion at all.

Host a Virtual Party

This isn’t a high pressure sales party. Your $100 sponsorship of the evening is gift enough, and that detail is shared with your friends to alleviate any pressure to purchase or donate.

In addition, the time you invest in hosting the party is calculated as volunteer hours, which goes into our database to help us earn more grants. A Thistle Farms graduate will join you as a virtual co-host for the following:

  • Sharing her story and explaining the Thistle Farms model of healing- Conducting a “Circle”
  • Thistle Farms meditation and gratitude ritual
  • A no-pressure invitation for your friends to support
If your friends feel called to purchase products - that’s great - your party will have a special discount code good for 30 days after your event.

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