Meet the Artisans

New Hope Girls

Dominican Republic
Women Survivors of Exploitation

It started in a home donated by a woman with 6 months of her savings.

It's grown into a sanctuary that houses, heals, and employs women survivors of exploitation. 

New Hope Girls is a place where deep pain is met by true promise. They hold space for women once labeled as a statistic to heal, grow, and thrive. 

Stepping into the trenches, they become acquainted with their scars and every detail of their stories. 

Croc Clutch Croc Clutch
Gray Surface Pouch Gray Surface Pouch
Compass Pouch Compass Pouch
Gray Surface Tote Gray Surface Tote
Luz Clutch Luz Clutch
Wayfinder Tote Wayfinder Tote
Compass Tote Compass Tote