Meet the Artisans

Colectivo 1050°

Oaxaca, Mexico
Extreme Poverty

Turning mud into a beautiful means of overcoming political, economic, and cultural oppression.

1050° is the temperature at which tradition and modernity merge to turn mud into beauty.

Colectivo 1050° is cultivating a community that elevates the symbolic, cultural and commercial value of pottery. It strives to move pottery from it’s perception as an option limited to those in poverty, to a desirable object placed on the tables of celebrated hotels and restaurants.

In so doing, they are not just restoring an ancient craft, but expanding the economic potential for women artisans in the state of Oaxaca. 

Through collaborative design strategies and narrative methodologies for community work, Colectivo 1050°unlocks potential and fosters deep agency in its artisans. With the renewed revenue from this ancient craft, women in Oaxaca are spinning clay from the earth into revenue to build schools, change laws, and overcome the gang violence of their community.