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Extreme Poverty

Lifting up local leaders through artisan training and holistic, sustainable job creation.

Timba Bangle Timba Bangle
Pamoza Necklace Pamoza Necklace
Pamoza Stud Earrings Pamoza Stud Earrings
Pawalo Bead Earrings Pawalo Bead Earrings
Nayo Hoops Nayo Hoops
Wiza Earrings Wiza Earrings
Mawoko Bracelet Mawoko Bracelet
Sina Earrings Sina Earrings

YEWO is fighting poverty in rural Malawi by investing in local leaders through artisan training, holistic job creation, and sustainable employment. They offer small business training, daily meals, personal budgeting classes, and all the while ensuring environmentally sustainable practices in their production.