Meet the Artisans

Not I But We

South Africa
Survivors of Trafficking and Exploitation

Accessories that help trafficking survivors stitch their lives back together.

Scrunchie Scrunchie
Scrunchie Made in South Africa by Not I But We
Sale price$6

Drawing on the Ubuntu philosophy of our inextricable interconnectedness - “I am because we are”- Not I But We seeks to create space for survivors to dream again. 

By working alongside residential and reintegration programs, Not I But We creates meaningful employment for survivors of trafficking in a trauma-informed social enterprise. 

Economic justice is a crucial piece in the restoration process. With high statistics of gender based violence and a 50% unemployment rate in South Africa, the vulnerability of poverty creates a heighten risk exploitative cycles. Not I But We seeks to break the cycle of exploitation and provide the necessary tools for survivors to rewrite their story.