Meet the Artisans


Northern India
Marginalized and Disabled Women


Freckled White Mug Freckled White Mug
Tea Towel and Apron Set Tea Towel and Apron Set
Stone Tumbler Stone Tumbler
Modern Table Runner Modern Table Runner
Radha Vase Radha Vase
Pushpa Vase Pushpa Vase
Mumtaz Round Basket Mumtaz Round Basket
Radha Round Basket Radha Round Basket


Creations That Reflect Our Interconnected World

At TerraKlay, artisans have purposeful community, dignified employment, and reliable wages while participating in a craft that connects them to their longstanding cultural traditions.

We believe that every product has a story. If you listen closely, each TerraKlay product will speak to you, telling you of the hands that made it, with soul and love.