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Biodiversity conservation through poverty alleviation.  Fair trade job creation that encourages local reforestation, as well as sustainable farming and harvesting.

Transforming renewable resources into beautiful and utterly unique products for your home.

Lavender Sachet Lavender Sachet
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Raffia Shibori Table Runner Raffia Shibori Table Runner
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Wild Silk Moth Wall Hanging Wild Silk Moth Wall Hanging

Ta'na'na Madagascar believes in finding the balance between the needs of people and nature through creating sustainable, ethically-made home decor, wall art, table linens, and textiles. Ta'na'na has developed a creative solution to deforestation in Madagascar by working with farmers to plant native trees. These trees become the host plant for wild silkworms, whose cocoons are harvested and used to create their exquisite wild silk textiles. They partner with a highly experienced fair trade artisan group to transform the silk cocoons into stunning home décor products. Their fabric is created through a unique process of steam pressing the silk cocoons flat and then sewing them together. Ta'na'na gives both farmers and artisans in Madagascar the opportunity to earn a fair living wage, conserve their local rainforest, and create enchanting works of art for your home.