Meet the Artisans

Blabla Kids

Extreme Poverty

Toy crafting as Fair Trade employment for women artisans in extreme poverty.

Jasper Rattle Jasper Rattle
Honey Bunny Rattle Honey Bunny Rattle
Lionel the Lion Lionel the Lion
Ozzie the dog Ozzie the dog
Fleur Bunny Rattle Fleur Bunny Rattle
Fox Rattle Fox Rattle
Bunny Rattle Bunny Rattle
Zig Zag Tiger Rattle Zig Zag Tiger Rattle
Barn Finger Puppets Barn Finger Puppets
Pierre Rattle Pierre Rattle

Blabla Kids is a fairtrade organization inspired by the talent of Peruvian artisans and the high-quality softness of their cotton. They are deeply committed to fairtrade practices and sustainability. 

Having worked with the same artisans for 15 years, Blabla has seen families grow and bloom thanks to reliable work and fair wages.