Meet the Artisans

Vi Bella

Haiti and Mexico
Extreme Poverty

Vi Bella means “beautiful life” because everyone deserves a life filled with beauty, hope, dignity and purpose. 

Over 60 artisans are employed in Haiti and Mexico. In areas such as these, one employed person can support up to ten others. Artisans master techniques such as wire-wrapping, hand beading, and sewing using natural and locally sourced materials such as coconut, horn, seeds, and leather.

At Vi Bella, artisans find meaningful community, dignified employment, and reliable wages. These three commitments are the foundation for quality pieces that hold a story of redemption.

Woven Bowl Woven Bowl
Woven Tray Woven Tray
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Stacker Bracelet Stacker Bracelet
Stacker Bracelet Made in Haiti and Mexico by Vi Bella
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Zamor Earrings Zamor Earrings
Danielle Necklace Danielle Necklace