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<p>Our free, two-year program offers women survivors a sanctuary to heal and thrive.</p>

Woven Candy Cane Ornament Woven Candy Cane Ornament
Earthy Planter Earthy Planter
Dotted Woven Bowl Dotted Woven Bowl
Reflective Catch All Reflective Catch All
Speckled Woven Bowl Speckled Woven Bowl
Pebble Woven Vase Pebble Woven Vase
Stone Woven Planter Stone Woven Planter
Golden Woven Bowl Golden Woven Bowl
Connected Woven Bowl Connected Woven Bowl
Humble Woven Bowl Humble Woven Bowl
Save $6
Grow Woven Bowl Grow Woven Bowl
Stripe Planter Stripe Planter
Grapefruit Coasters Grapefruit Coasters
Grounded Catch All Grounded Catch All
Harmony Woven Bowl Harmony Woven Bowl
Meadow Woven Bowl Meadow Woven Bowl
Save $5
Coastal Coasters Coastal Coasters
Restorative Coasters Restorative Coasters
Earthen Woven Coasters Earthen Woven Coasters
Save $10
Natural Raffia Vase Natural Raffia Vase
Save $12
Cocoa Fringe Brush Cup Cocoa Fringe Brush Cup


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