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<p>Our free, two-year program offers women survivors a sanctuary to heal and thrive.</p>

Butterfly Studs Butterfly Studs
Edna Beaded Hoops Edna Beaded Hoops
Walton Gemstone Hoops Walton Gemstone Hoops
Ella Earrings Ella Earrings
Lavender Field Hoops Lavender Field Hoops
Golden Resin Hoops Golden Resin Hoops
Emmy Earrings Emmy Earrings
Emmy Earrings Made by Beljoy in US and Haiti
Sale price$29
Petal Earrings Petal Earrings
Pamoza Stud Earrings Pamoza Stud Earrings
Nayo Hoops Nayo Hoops
Quest Hoops Quest Hoops
Masi Tropical Fruit Earrings Masi Tropical Fruit Earrings
Pawalo Bead Earrings Pawalo Bead Earrings
Scarlet Beaded Hoops Scarlet Beaded Hoops
Linked Earrings Linked Earrings
Wiza Earrings Wiza Earrings
Eloria Earrings Eloria Earrings


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