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Festive Shirts, Luxe Beards, & Unfailing Love. Happy Father's Day!

It's the season of celebrating dads! They are full of compassion, love, and strength. When we need a strong hand of support, they are there. We think of the good dads of the world as strong, capable, and unfailingly on our side. 2019 Thistle Farms Residential (aka “Magdalene”) graduate Bobbie’s dad, Dan, is all of those things.

Two Simple Secrets to Glowing Summer Skin
You probably already know about the benefits of facial exfoliation. But did you know that removing dead skin cells and unclogging pores with a scrub and following up with a nourishing moisturizer is a gift to ALL of your skin? Clearing away dullness allows all of you to shine like you were born to shine. 
Meet Shelia, Thistle Farms Director of Education and Outreach
Starting and growing an organization can be challenging. Our national conference has been designed to provide learning opportunities and support by looking to an underused resource: each other. We’ve brought together a roster of remarkable speakers who will share their best practices, and the deep wisdom they have learned in everything from strategy development to fundraising. Join us!
Introducing Natural Cleaners Made With Thistle Farms Essential Oils
Are you ready to kick the household cleaning chemicals once and for all? With a little effort and few simple ingredients you can have a sparkling clean, great smelling, naturally clean house that's chemical free! 
Natural Laundry Detergent Recipe
If you are new to homemade cleaning products, this is an especially useful and easy-to-make option. The recipe has four ingredients, including Thistle Farms Lavender Essential Oil. Storage is easy, and clean up is a breeze, let's get started!
Natural Bathroom & Kitchen Scrub Recipe
This bathroom scrub is the easiest recipe you’ll ever make. With just three ingredients, it packs major cleaning power into a simple, ethical recipe that gets a big boost from Thistle Farms Essential Oils. 
Natural All Purpose Spray Cleaner Recipe
Let’s tidy up our home’s surfaces with a natural cleaner that will kill winter’s leftover germs and motivate us with a bright kick of eucalyptus, lemon, and lavender, from Thistle Farms Immunity Oil.
Natural Glass Cleaner Recipe
Let the sunshine in with this DIY glass cleaning recipe featuring Thistle Farms Focus Oil.
Six Summer Travel Tips to Follow Now
Summer is family travel time, but how do you keep your cool when the weather (and road weary tempers) heat up? The #thistleroad travelers from Thistle Farms who spend much of the year on the road talking about our residential and...
Growing Together
“The women working at Sibimbe said they feel the wind when they are learning, helping others, praying, and being with family. Those are the basic universal simple truths that women around the world proclaim.”
Spring Update from Thistle Farms Residential
Thistle Farms residential program, known by many as Magdalene, has been at the core of who we are and what we do for over 22 years. 
Moms... Right?
Moms... They are the stuff of legend. Part goalie, part doctor, part police officer, part mystery, and generally 100% quotable. Our mom’s grit and compassion can be found all over us, it's literally in our DNA. We've been reflecting on these tender truths at Thistle Farms a lot recently as we prepare for Mother's Day.
Eyes Up Human Trafficking Campaign
Nashville, hometown of Thistle Farms, will be the site of the NFL Draft on April 25-27. In the interest of trafficking education, we are participating in the Eyes Up Human Trafficking Community Campaign with local, state and federal law enforcement...
Love on Fire Recap
On April 3 we gathered at The Mother Church of Country Music with about 2500 of our friends and celebrated the light of love that burns within each of us. “Love on Fire” was a magical night of stories, songs,...
Love on Fire: An Evening with Thistle Farms
Love on Fire, and evening with Thistle Farms, Wednesday, April 3 at The Ryman Auditorium with Brandi Carlile, John Prine and more. Additional Seats available Friday, March 29 9:00AM. Also enter on Instagram to win two tickets and a $150 Thistle Farms gift.
Five Ways Dryer Balls Can Help You Love Your Laundry
Have you wondered what the deal is with dryer balls? There are many ways that they can improve your laundry routine. Below are five great reasons to make the switch from heavily fragranced, chemical fabric softeners to these all natural wool gifts to laundry day.
Happy International Women's Day!
It’s International Women’s Day! A day to honor and celebrate the cultural, social, economic, personal, and political achievements of women. Right now is an exciting and important time in history to do what we can to help create a more gender-balanced world. Women have come so far, but there's still a long road ahead as we better the gender balance and better our communities and world. #BalanceForBetter is a call-to-action for supporting gender balance everywhere.
Women's History Month
During Women’s History Month, we remember all of the amazing women in Thistle Farms' history who have sat with us in a circle and spoken of their brokenness and healing. 
Self-care tips from our staff
Self-care is an integral part of Thistle Farms. We believe that self-care is a key component to the truth, that love does heal. Here are a few helpful ways our own staff at Thistle Farms makes self-care a priority, through the craftsmanship of our Global Partners.
How to Quickly Reset Your Day
Toddler tantrums, work frustrations, traffic, never-ending homework… Life’s challenges are many, but you can reset your whole day in just a few minutes.
Stratford High School's Girls Conference
Entering a community partnership with Nashville’s Stratford High School has opened new avenues of healing for two of Thistle Farms’ most recognized survivor-leaders. The recent Girls Conference at Stratford was a special time of looking back, as well as forward, for Kim and Katrina. Getting to share their wisdom with a new generation of high school girls at the empowering day-long conference was an added bonus.