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Nashville Tornado - Where to Find and Offer Help

There will be a lot of processing and a lot of figuring out the best ways to both obtain and offer help in the coming days. Preliminarily these are good options.

Rachel, Another Victory for the Restoration of Voting Rights
Restoring my voting rights means that I am a full citizen of my community. What this does for my spirit, my self esteem, my confidence, my soul, is so deeply personal. It proves that I am a survivor, that I have overcome great obstacles. It helps me to love me a little more today.
Meet Anika from Thistle Farms Global
We caught up with Anika on a early morning as the manufacturing space at Thistle Farms was coming to life. There are tiny boxes of jewelry and bigger boxes of this spring’s latest hand woven baskets all around us and it’s apparent that Anika takes great pleasure in this part of her job - the part where her hands touch the pieces made by similar hands so far away from our headquarters in Nashville, TN.
Join Us for Our 1st Stitch-In
We are stitched together with the treads of sisterhood. We are more alike than different. We are strongest together. Join us on March 3, 2020 at Thistle Farms for our first Stitch In - an open invitation to come and...
Michelle - An Honest Look at a Hard Day in Recovery
2019 Thistle Farms Residential graduate Michelle goes about her work quietly. She’s a careful worker with an eye for detail, and a true friend to all who love her. Just as the air and sky feel heavy today, so does the weight of the unresolved and the unknown. 
The Zen of Being Gwen
“Today I have all of the things that I dreamed of and now I’m looking ahead to what to do with that. What can I do to make the world better, what can I do to help the suffering, what will my legacy be? I want to give grace in the same amount that I have found it.”
Building with Love & American Sandwich
Several men from St Augustine’s Chapel at Vanderbilt University have just returned from Belize in Central America where they helped build the first Thistle Farms Residential house outside of the US where women survivors will experience healing and the support. 
2020 Vision on Human Trafficking Awareness Day
At Thistle Farms we believe that recognizing the signs that a person might be a victim of human trafficking is an important part of helping save lives. Being knowledgable regarding what symptoms and behaviors to look for in potential victims makes each of us a part of the solution to this devastating public health and safety crisis.
The Sweetest Homecomings
Dorothy knew what she was talking about… There’s no place like home. While we’re all going to encounter a wicked witch or two out in the world, for most of us home is always there, awaiting our return like a prize for surviving...
Let's Talk Wellness...

Let’s talk wellness… It’s a buzzword that we hear a lot, but what exactly does it mean?

A Happy Holidays Thank You
At Thistle Farms, there is a special appreciation for comfort and warmth during this sweet season of peace. Our stories of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction were gritty, peppered with violence, and devoid of joy. This fact makes us extra thankful for the difference Thistle Farms has made in our lives. 
One Step to a Happier You
With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we are encouraged to get into that once-a-year gratitude frame of mind. But according to scientists, counting your blessings every single day, all year long, can be great for your mental health and well-being,...
Meet Katrina, National Sales Director and Healing Expert
 "As Thistle Farms National Sales Director I spend my days talking to longtime retailers and those who are new to our justice enterprise. Seeing the joy that supporting survivors brings them fuels my work and my healing. Our retailers throughout the country work so hard to tell the story of how love heals. I'm thankful for each of them." 
Meet Trish, Thistle Farms Education & Outreach Department
Trish is a person who makes others feel welcomed. That's an important skill at Thistle Farms, and one that has served her well in various departments. "I am AMAZED that I have actually worked at the same place for five entire...
Staying Positive with the Power of "No"
As soon as November hits, it's holiday time at Thistle Farms. For the next 6-8 weeks, we'll come in early and work late. We'll carefully hand-make healing products, welcome hundreds of visitors, and fulfill thousands of holiday orders. We'll sing Christmas music and decorate every inch of our buildings. 
Soothing DIY Facial Cleanser with Thistle Farms Lavender Essential Oil
Tired of spending a fortune on your skincare routine? Mixing a few natural ingredients that are nourishing for the skin can be easy on the earth and your budget too. Removing makeup is the foundation of all skincare, and getting your face glowingly clean...
We have so many autumn and winter plans happening in Nashville, and the crispness in the air is a great reminder to share them with you. Football: Throughout the football season, you can support survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction...
Meet the Survivors - Anchal Project
"Based out of India, Anchal creates essential employment opportunities for women who have been exploited by the commercial sex trade. The social inequalities and education injustice creates instability and lack of opportunity for women, essentially taking away their choice."
Five Candle Tips for Maximum Burn & Fragrance
It’s no secret, we love candles. We love making them and burning them! A candle’s warm glow and welcoming fragrance remind us that together we are the light that the next woman needs to find her way home.  We offer...
Finding Our Way, A Thistle Farms Documentary. Give to Kickstarter Here!
Today we're talking to Ryan Camp, founder of Northman Creative, a video production company based out of Nashville, TN.  Ryan's latest project, Finding our Way, is a feature-length documentary giving a behind-the-scenes look at the work of Thistle Farms and...
Celebrating Recovery on a Tuesday Morning
As early morning traffic passes by on Nashville’s busy Charlotte Pike, the Thistle Farms campus is already bustling. The rich aroma of essential oils wafts throughout our buildings - spaces dedicated to healing, surrounded by the quickened pace of city...