12 Fashionably Upcycled Uses for Empty Candle Containers

Hello upcyclers! Can't bring yourself to throw away those empty candle jars? We get it! Chances are you've got a cupboard with a few right now that you just can't part with. Those jars are just waiting for a new life and we've got plenty of ideas about how to use them.

First off, clean your candle jar thoroughly with hot, soapy water and remove the wick. Some people freeze the jar overnight so that the frozen wax residue pops out easily with a butter knife or spoon. Wash afterward or run through the dishwasher. Now you're ready!

*Keep on your desk to hold pens, reading glasses, office supplies. 

*Use as a planter for succulents or a window herb garden.

*Decorate with washi tape to match your bathroom and use as cotton ball/cotton swab storage.

*Use as drinking glasses. (Who wouldn't want a set of glasses that proclaim that love heals?)

*Need a flower vase? Easy!

*Does your empty jar have a lid? Add a cute chalkboard sticker and use it to store tea bags or sugar packets.

*Decoupage with fabric or tissue paper and keep hair accessories or makeup brushes organized.

*Tall jars with airtight lids are perfect for pet treats. Personalize by etching your pet's name into the glass. (Your dog can read, right?)

*A little rope and a hot glue gun and you'll have the perfect nautical catch-all for that desk or shelf where all of your coins end up.

*Fill with rocks or sand to give your candle jars a new, but not unfamiliar, life as tea light holders.

*Add a bit of Moroccan flair with this tutorial to turn plain glass jars into colorful exotic treasures.

*Tie a raffia bow and fill with a workmate's favorite coffee pods and flavored creamer packets for a comforting gift that takes the place of a hug during this time of social distancing.

If you don't have empty jars, we suggest ordering a couple of Thistle Farms Candles to start your collection! 



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