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A Fresh (Dog) Bed is a Happy (Dog) Bed
We humans have some things completely figured out. For instance: clean sheet night is the best night of the week. Right?
5 W's with Rita
Today Rita, Thistle Farms Administrative and Accounting Coordinator, answers our 5Ws in true Rita style.
Essential Oil Dog Freshening Spray with Thistle Farms EOs
Between baths, freshen up your best friend with a spray recipe that adds sheen and all-natural freshness. Thistle Farms Lavender Essential Oil is the perfect pet-friendly ingredient to lavish a little extra love on your furry friends. It's safe, effective, and means a little extra time together, which is your pal's favorite thing!
Calming a Nervous Dog with Thistle Farms Essential Oils
As humans, enjoying a nice storm and having some alone time are high on the list of calming and relaxing activities. Fireworks? Love them! Parties? Bring on the friends! Even housecleaning with vacuuming and squeaky window cleaning can usher in a feeling of profound calm for us.
5 W's with Thistle Farms Global
Have you wondered what the difference is between Thistle Farms and Thistle Farms Global? Smart question, ethical shopper!
Attending a Thistle Farms Education Workshop
Want to learn about and/or replicate the Thistle Farms nonprofit social enterprise model? Welcome, friend. Thistle Farms’ comprehensive model offers women hope and healing through a holistic residential program, employment with one of our social enterprises, and a growing national...
The Important Soap
"This IS important soap. This is the soap that changes lives, creates community, and instills hope. It is a fragrant and beautiful soap that is healing for your body, but it is important because it helps us all love the world." -Becca Stevens, Thistle Farms Founder
Five W's with Essential Oil Educator, Theresa Cangialosi
Today we’re chatting with our beloved aromatherapy consultant, formulator, educator, and product development wiz, Theresa Cangialosi. Theresa is a walking encyclopedia of Essential Oils, so we’re covering useful basics that are great for the newbie as well as being excellent reminders for those for whom EOs are a way of life.
Six Ways Thistle Farms Essential Oils Can Help You Live Your Best Life

Looking for natural remedies to some of life’s most common challenges? Ancient-yet-modern Essential Oils can help you enjoy your best life in aromatherapeutic style. At Thistle Farms, your purchases not only support happy living for you, but ensure meaningful work at a living wage for women survivors.


5 W's with The Cafe at Thistle Farms
Nashville locals and visitors know all about this gem! Have you visited The Cafe at Thistle Farms?
Female Founder Collective
We're so proud to be a part of The Female Founder Collective, a network of businesses led by women, supporting women. With it's mission to enable and empower female led businesses to positively impact communities, this is a great partnership and we look forward to a long and meaningful collaboration.
Thistle Farms 2019 Conference, "Been There, Healing That."
Nashville was the location of our 2019 National Conference, "Been There, Healing That." It brought together over 200 ardent Thistle Farmers dedicated to creating healing communities for survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction. 
KAZI -- The Story Behind Your Product
  We are proud partners and distributors of Kazi product, an All Across Africa brand. What does this mean? All Across Africa is B Corp certified, fair trade members, nest partners and sourcing responsible. This company was founded with idealistic...
Meet the Thistle Farms Residential Graduating Class of 2019
Graduation is our biggest annual celebration and our happiest day at Thistle Farms.
Outsmarting Mosquitoes. (It's Easy!)
We’re here to help with the best chemical free tips and tricks for fooling biting insects.
Festive Shirts, Luxe Beards, & Unfailing Love. Happy Father's Day!

It's the season of celebrating dads! They are full of compassion, love, and strength. When we need a strong hand of support, they are there. We think of the good dads of the world as strong, capable, and unfailingly on our side. 2019 Thistle Farms Residential (aka “Magdalene”) graduate Bobbie’s dad, Dan, is all of those things.

Two Simple Secrets to Glowing Summer Skin
You probably already know about the benefits of facial exfoliation. But did you know that removing dead skin cells and unclogging pores with a scrub and following up with a nourishing moisturizer is a gift to ALL of your skin? Clearing away dullness allows all of you to shine like you were born to shine. 
Meet Shelia, Thistle Farms Director of Education and Outreach
Starting and growing an organization can be challenging. Our national conference has been designed to provide learning opportunities and support by looking to an underused resource: each other. We’ve brought together a roster of remarkable speakers who will share their best practices, and the deep wisdom they have learned in everything from strategy development to fundraising. Join us!
Introducing Natural Cleaners Made With Thistle Farms Essential Oils
Are you ready to kick the household cleaning chemicals once and for all? With a little effort and few simple ingredients you can have a sparkling clean, great smelling, naturally clean house that's chemical free! 
Natural Laundry Detergent Recipe
If you are new to homemade cleaning products, this is an especially useful and easy-to-make option. The recipe has four ingredients, including Thistle Farms Lavender Essential Oil. Storage is easy, and clean up is a breeze, let's get started!
Natural Bathroom & Kitchen Scrub Recipe
This bathroom scrub is the easiest recipe you’ll ever make. With just three ingredients, it packs major cleaning power into a simple, ethical recipe that gets a big boost from Thistle Farms Essential Oils.