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On the Road to Rwanda
“Before the trip, I had fears of the unknown. This was the first time I was leaving the country. What kind of people would I meet? Would they be open to strangers? Would I like the food? Can I drink...
Four Organizations Fighting Trafficking Around the World
As Human Trafficking Awareness Month comes to an end, this does not mean the fight against the injustice stops. Alongside the work of Thistle Farms in Nashville, Thistle Farms Global is proud to support partners around the world who are...
Never Underestimate the Power of a Sparkly Sweater

We’ve worn drab prison uniforms and ill-fitting hand me downs. We’ve eaten hospital food and other people’s leftovers. We’ve felt the sting of what trauma and addiction have taken from us.

But now...

Four Women Who Have Benefitted From Your Activism
When individuals take action to create social change, amazing things happen. Whether you march, purchase, donate, volunteer or advocate on social media and beyond, you bring unjust practices, as well as their remedies, to the attention of many. Thank you, world-changing Thistle...
Four (More) Ways You Can Fight Trafficking
Trafficking and modern-day slavery are more a part of our lives than we might like to admit. But what can one person do to combat trafficking and slavery? A lot.
Four Ways You Can Fight Trafficking
You’ve seen and heard it: “End Trafficking Now.” The sentiment is great, but you’re just one person and trafficking is a worldwide issue. What can one person do to end trafficking? Plenty!
Three Ways You Helped Make 2018 Thistle Farms’ Best Year Ever
Thank you, dearest friends, for giving in all of the beautiful ways you gave in 2018. We're excited to unwrap the gift of 2019 together! 
5 Reasons Thistle Farms Should Be Under Your Tree!
Giving is what we do. It lights up our souls and keeps us striving to challenge the way you think about simple, everyday products. Our home and body collections are inspired by the women who dared to challenge their thinking and believed in a better way, for them, for you and for those still searching. As you enjoy the season’s many blessings, consider sharing these small gifts with a great big purpose.
Meet The Makers - Exclusive Collaborations
“Exclusive partnerships are important to Thistle Farms Global. We love designing and planning for our customers and working closely with our partners. It’s wonderful when we come together in partnership and community” - Abi Hewitt (Director, Thistle Farms Global)
Today, on Giving Tuesday
Today, on Giving Tuesday, we give thanks. For every volunteer. Every donor. Every broken person who shows up. With a lifetime of hurt, shame, worry, and regret. We give thanks that love heals.
Meet Three Trees: An Exclusive Pure Essential Oil Blend
Make your December one to remember with this holiday essential oil that promise to warm your heart, lift your mood and light your soul.
Meet the Maker: Thistle Farms Global Textile Partners for the Holidays
It’s that time of year again. As we enter the season of giving, we hope that you and your loved ones enjoy our new cozy seasonal textiles. From Cambodia to Nepal to the northern villages in the Himalayan mountains of India, Thistle Farms Global has created partnerships with three inspiring organization who heal, empower, and employ women throughout Asia.
Check out Thistle Farms in Social Enterprise Alliance's Annual Gift Guide
Now more than ever, goods that have a positive impact on society are in high demand, as many consumers prefer to purchase products from companies advocating social issues. In its third year in existence, this exclusively social enterprise online shop exists to make it even easier for consumers to shop social impact goods and support social enterprises all in one place.
Meet Focus: A New Pure Essential Oil
Formulated to enhance clarity, Focus is blended with powerful oils that sharpen the mind and maintain sustainability throughout your day. It's zesty mint and citrus notes will lift moods, eases tension, and combat fatigue.
Got Eczema?
Over 10% of Americans suffer from eczema, with Atopic Dermatitis, caused by a malfunctions in the immune system and skin barrier, being the most common form. Thistle Farms natural products to the rescue! 
What does hope look like?
"Thistle Farms has a proven track record of initiating and accelerating social enterprises.  When Thistle Farms offers its experience and its powerful community to a vulnerable group of new entrepreneur women survivors, you can be assured hope will rise.”  -Rev Frannie Kieschnick
3 Reasons You Need Our Bulgarian Lavender Candle
As the seasons begin to change our stress levels seem to follow suit and the calming flicker of a candle flame lends us many moments of peace. Our hand-poured Bulgarian Lavender Candle goes a step further by providing the healing benefits of pure essential oils.
Speaking our Truths About Sexual Assault

It’s a story we hear too often, the reasons why women don’t report instances of sexual assault. Most of the reasons are fear based, as fear becomes an ever-present passenger in the minds and hearts of sexual assault survivors.

Chelle, Champion of Voter Rights
“I’m proud. I am a full citizen of my country now. I want everybody to feel the pride of taking part in the political process. I celebrate National Voter Registration Day  like it’s New Years Eve!”
Another Must-Have from Thistle Farms!
You’re living the essential oil lifestyle! You love being surrounded by pure essential oils that scent and support your mind, body, and spirit. With summer behind us, it’s the season of getting back to business and we all might need...
Our friend Ned, overhauling the reputation of teenagers one plant at a time.
Eagle Scout is the highest achievement or rank attainable in Scouts BSA (formerly known as Boy Scouts of America). The requirements necessary to achieve this rank take years to fulfill. Eagles must earn at least 21 merit badges, live according...