Celebrating Recovery on a Tuesday Morning

As early morning traffic passes by on Nashville’s busy Charlotte Pike, the Thistle Farms campus is already bustling. The rich aroma of essential oils wafts throughout our buildings - spaces dedicated to healing, surrounded by the quickened pace of city life. As drivers pass by, greeted by the mural on our main building that states our truth that “Love Heals Every Body,” we begin our days in gratitude. But this Tuesday is extra special, as it is also our first day at work during National Recovery Month - a time to reflect on the progress we've made in recovery and the many ways we can support the ones we love who are working through their own recoveries.

Kristina, a current resident of our residential program is already happily at work. She enjoys her job as a floater in our manufacturing department and gives great care to all of her responsibilities. “I have a lot of favorite jobs… I really like making lotion, and the lavender scent is definitely my favorite. Also, the tube sealing machine is so much fun! It’s meditative and calm and I think a lot about where each of these tubes will end up. The handmade nature of our products is really special, and the few machines we use for convenience are each really interesting to me. Machines are sort of my thing, so I hope to learn how to operate all of them eventually. I'm thankful for the opportunity to work and recover in such a supportive environment here at Thistle Farms."

All of our natural body and home products are made with love by women who are actively seeking recovery from trafficking, prostitution, and addiction. Our products are handmade, environmentally friendly and naturally awesome. Try out our creations that soothe the skin, such as our Body Butter and Lip Smoothie or our aromatic fragrances for the home with our Candle and Room Spray. Every purchase directly impacts the women survivors, like Kristina, who make them. 

You can support the recoveries of Thistle Farms employees every day by purchasing our natural healing products, by having your donation of up to $1000 doubled by the Stand Together Foundation's Giving Together program, or by visiting us in person to volunteer or enjoy a meal at The Cafe at Thistle Farms.


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