Why the Thistle?

Why the Thistle?

Wondering about the thistle?

The name ‘Thistle Farms’ comes from the misunderstood thistle, the only flower to grow on the streets and alleys where the women of Thistle Farms have walked. Considered a weed by many, The thistle has a deep root that can shoot through concrete and survive drought. In spite of it’s prickly appearance, it’s soft purple flower and profound healing qualities make the thistle a mysterious and gorgeous flower. The thistle has become a symbol of survival and healing for our community and women survivors around the globe.

To us, the thistle represents strength, vulnerability, and the truth that love can heal our bodies, hearts and minds. Believing this truth brings us together.

Many of us seek every day to do better, live better, love better—and to make real change even through small shifts in daily routines. Thistle Farms makes it possible to choose simple, beautiful, everyday products and impact the lives of women survivors in extraordinary ways.

Thanks for believing in love's healing power along with us!