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“For 20 years we’ve been a witness to the truth that love is the most powerful force for social change in the world.”

Becca Stevens, Founder of Thistle Farms

Love Heals.

Our customers and donors continue to prove that love is the most powerful force in the world. Last year, together we provided:


Nights of safe, supportive housing, for women recovering from life on the streets


Hours of counseling and therapy for survivors, ensuring their mental well-being


Medical appointments to ensure their physical health


Hours of employment through our social enterprises resulting in over $1.5M in income for women survivors


Women artisans supported through fair wage programming and development set up by our global partnerships

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“I was on the streets for 28 years and a friend told me about the program. They loved me until I could love myself.”

Katrina, 2007 graduate, National Sales Director

“It was very difficult to get a job because of my police record. Thistle Farms gave me a job. They let me work the register and be accountable for money. They allowed me the opportunity to develop job skills.”

Trish, 2002 graduate, Customer Service

“The most important part of my life is that my kids and me are together. I’m a mother and a homeowner; I never thought in the beginning that that could happen.”

Chelle, 2005 graduate, Accounts Manager

To date, 40+ organizations nationwide have created programs based on Thistle Farms’ model of recovery.

That means more women survivors are getting the help and love they need to turn their life around.

Here are 3 ways you can show love and give hope to women survivors:


Every sale benefits the women survivors who make our products.

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Every dollar donated supports the mission of Thistle Farms. Your donation is tax-deductible.

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Share your time. Share our story. And let us share what we’ve learned, with you.