New Manufacturing & Logistics Facility Planned For Spring 2022

New Manufacturing & Logistics Facility Planned For Spring 2022

Thistle Farms is excited to announce we will be expanding to a new manufacturing and logistics center in 2022! 

This expansion will allow us to grow to 22,000 square feet – more than twice as large as our current space! Most importantly, this new facility will provide space for more women survivors to have meaningful employment, bringing them one step closer to economic freedom.

After Whole Foods picked up Thistle Farms products in 2016, we moved into our current 9,000-square-foot production facility. Since then, demand has continued to increase, and by 2020, our online sales were up by more than 60%.

“I thought we had our 10-year home, and we made it 4.5 years. We can sell more than we can produce and ship and that’s a good problem to have.” – Hal Cato, CEO

Last year, we shipped more than 35,000 packages across the United States, and our manufacturing staff hand-poured 350,000 products–from candles to essential oils.

This expansion will allow us to keep up with increasing demand, and it allows us to bring in more funding for what we care about most: providing a space where women survivors can recover and heal.

“We’re at a place where our social enterprise is able to sustain the program side. Not 100%, but we’re pretty close to 70% sustainability, which is unheard of in a nonprofit.” – Shelia McClain, Director of Residential Services