Meet the Survivors - Anchal Project

We are honored to be able to partner with an organization like Anchal project. Based out of India, Anchal creates essential employment opportunities for women who have been exploited by the commercial sex trade. The social inequalities and education injustice creates instability and lack of opportunity for women, essentially taking away their choice. Unjust systems create circumstances that force women and girls to rely on the commercial sex trade. The United Nations reports that 10 million commercial sex workers are in India alone. 

Anchal’s goal is to alter the statistics. They look to create employment and economic opportunity for women in India, thus giving them another alternative. An alternative that empowers women and their families for generations. 70% of survivors employed by Anchal grow to be the primary breadwinner’s for their household. 65% of the women have purchased their first homes, and the women can at last afford proper healthcare. Anchal has trained and employed over 150 women to date. These statistics speak volumes for the longstanding social impact economic opportunity for women creates. 

Each Anchal product is carefully crafted with timeless traditions. Anchal achieves a modernistic style while keeping these ancient techniques in tact. Artisans utilize a beautiful hand-stitching kantha technique to create their pieces. The kantha stitch is a simple running stitch that can hold multiple layers of fabric together. The result is truly something extraordinary. 

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