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Our friend Ned, overhauling the reputation of teenagers one plant at a time.
Eagle Scout is the highest achievement or rank attainable in Scouts BSA (formerly known as Boy Scouts of America). The requirements necessary to achieve this rank take years to fulfill. Eagles must earn at least 21 merit badges, live according...
Meeting with the Madres, Moringa and More
“It is important for Thistle Farms to spread their love and knowledge around the world because our model works and it is our job to pay it forward.” 
Respite Kits

Thistle Farms is creating respite kits for these travelers to take on their next journey. These kits, bearing messages of love as well as basic hygiene supplies, will be distributed by The Humanitarian Respite Center to more than 1,000 families and individuals who have been released from detention and have entered the asylum process.

Mission Lazarus
Mission Lazarus, an organization based in Honduras and Haiti has been a Thistle Farms Global partner since the fall of 2017.
Three Tips to Beat The Burn
Lavender, a natural remedy for your irritated skin can help relieve and heal sunburns. Lavender contains antifungal, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties to help reduce swelling and redness on sunburned skin.
#makermonday - Meet Winnie: a true global leader
Maker Monday today is focused on Winnie, the Economic Development Officer of Lwala Community Alliance. Lwala, one of our first global partners back in 2014, has grown tremendously over the years. Now their Economic Development Department not only hits the market place with beautifully sewn handbags and satchels, but also provides school uniforms for youth in their own community.
Since The Beginning
In 2008, Becca’s friendship with Nicholas moved into a pivotal partnership between Thistle Farms and Ikirezi, becoming our first Thistle Farm international partner. Geranium, the key ingredient in Thistle Farms’ Bug Spray, comes directly from the fields of Eastern Rwanda.
Mata Traders
Mata Traders is a thriving fair trade organization based in India and Nepal and has been a Thistle Farms Global partner since 2017. Giving opportunity for success to local Indian and Nepali artisans stricken by poverty, Mata Traders helps these women artisans gain economic sustainability and empowerment.
Natural Bug Spray - What's to Love
Summer is almost here and the need for an effective bug spray is too. Most repellants are notorious for their harmful chemicals, and finding a family friendly alternative can be a difficult task.
Introducing NEW Exfoliating Body Scrub
Our new line of body scrubs leaves skin nourished and smooth through exfoliation that tones skin and makes way for faster absorption of nourishing moisturizers.
International Women's Day
One week ago today we sat in our beloved circle, the oldest ritual our community observes, and welcomed new people into it. It was the day of a big fundraiser, so having the opportunity to sit together inside a busy week was a gift-a gift made sweeter by the presence of author Brené Brown, who would be speaking at the event later that evening.
Meet Balance: A New Pure Essential Oil
A harmonizing oil, Balance ensures your body and mind act in sync. Powerful oils such as lavender, vanilla, and lemon blend to help focus the mind, relax the body, and inspire the spirit. It’s aromatic compounds offer clarity when feeling scattered or discontent by rejuvenating energy levels, calming nerves, and lifting the mood.
Meet Energy: A New Pure Essential Oil
Rejuvenate your energy levels, calm your nerves, and inspire serenity with our new pure Essential oil Energy. Featuring harmonizing floral and citrus notes each oil was specifically chosen to improve memory, lift mood, and increase circulation.
Meet CALM: A New Essential Oil

Check out these 5 tips for utilizing Calm that make caring for yourself easy, convenient, and just plain smart! Calm is a NEW essential oil developed to help you cope with everyday pressures.

Meet Immunity: A New Pure Essential Oil
This year's cold and flu season seems to be a never ending story. Whether you are being proactive or reactive, our pure essential oil blend, Immunity, is known to lift your spirits with comforting relief and healing support.
7 Brilliant Essential Oil Tips for Your Home

Essential oils are being talked about everywhere and for good reason, they provide a myriad of curative benefits with an endless list of uses.

In the past, these oils lived in yoga studios or incense shops and although the benefits seemed wonderful, the uses of these tiny bottles were a mystery to many. Not today! We’ve here to help, making the use of essential oils easy, effective, and fun-for everyone.

A National Human Trafficking Awareness Day Reflection with Shelia
This January we pause to observe National Human Trafficking Prevention Month as a community. In honor of today, Shelia McClain, a 2007 graduate of the Thistle Farms Residential Program, reflects on the past decade of work she has been doing for survivors of human trafficking. As the Senior Case Manager for the Thistle Farms Residential Program, Shelia plays an instrumental role in welcoming women home. Today we take time as a nation and individuals to reflect on National Human Trafficking Awareness Day.
Five Questions With David Stober
So for me, #LoveHeals is a reminder to give love, even when it doesn't feel like I can or have the energy to, and be where Love is.  How this translates is pretty simple.  In my family life, it's to give my loved ones what they need; my love and full attention without the distraction of work. And in my professional life, support our customers' love for their businesses and do what I can to help propel them to their best, individually and as a brand.  These are my two pillars that will make me happy and Love More.
Stuff Your Stockings!
At Thistle Farms, we have stocking stuffers for every member of your family. From young to old, these stuffers promise smiles for your loved ones while offering hope to those seeking a way home this holiday season.
Feel Good About Giving Good
It's a season of hope and a time for showing gratitude to those you cherish most. At Thistle Farms, it's our mission to HEAL, EMPOWER, and EMPLOY women survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction. We do this by providing safe and supportive housing, opportunity for economic independence, and a strong community of advocates and partners.
Lolita Is Grateful for Her Year Of Firsts
"I started working for the Thistle Farms August of 2015. It made me feel like I was a productive citizen again. I was getting my life back. Before I got into addiction at 30 years old, I had a job and a home and a family and a car. I lost all of that in 25 years of addiction. I didn’t have my children in my life. I hadn’t had a bank account in years. And now I have a savings account, even! I love coming to work. I drive my own car for the first time since 1988. I have my own apartment. I am so grateful."