Ok, We Admit it. We REALLY Love Dogs

Ok, We Admit it. We REALLY Love Dogs

Maybe you've noticed...

We've been having such fun creating and sharing Thistle Farms Essential Oil recipes to keep your pets happy and fresh.

Here's a rundown of recent blogs focusing on our four legged friends:

If your dog is on the anxious side, this blog's for you (and them.) Read Calming a Nervous Dog with Thistle Farms Essential Oils for a new approach to calming anxieties with lasting benefits. 

Everybody likes to smell fresh & clean, even your dog-no matter what they say about bath time! Spray and brush this freshening spray with pet-friendly lavender through their coat and you'll both feel extra proud of yourselves. Read Essential Oil Dog Freshening Spray with Thistle Farms EOs for the recipe and instructions. (And how about Thistle Farms CEO, Hal's dogs in this photo? Such cuteness!)

Let's talk about that dog bed... Between machine washings, sunshine and this EO recipe can keep this source of unwanted smells under control. Read A Fresh (Dog) Bed is a Happy (Dog) Bed to make a smelly bed a distant memory for your household. 

Using essential oils on our pets is a way to connect, spend some sweet one-on-one time together, and share the benefits of aromatherapy. Using all-natural, pure oils is important for your health and your dog's, and we offer the very highest quality, safest oils. We recommend that these recipes be used only as directed.