The Important Soap

The Important Soap

Thistle Farms founder, Becca Stevens spends a lot of time on the road, traveling the country and the world as a speaker and a seeker. One of the most obvious attributes of Becca's talent as a speaker is her ability to get to the heart of the matter of supporting survivors quickly and succinctly, making what might have originally seemed daunting, both achievable and practical.

Becca says "If people who say they love Thistle Farms would buy our soap, it would change our bottom line and the number of women we serve."

Everybody uses soap. Everybody likes high quality products with a greater purpose. Everybody likes to smell good and have soft skin. Everybody likes knowing that they have helped others to have a better life. Everybody likes doing that important work for under $25, too. 

So that's achievable and practical, right? 

Becca continues, "I have said it 100 times recently. A woman named Victoria heard me say it at a conference and took some soap home. She said the next day her eight year old son ran out of the bathroom saying, "mom, I smell like a hotel." She wrote to me saying how grateful she was for the soap, and how it gave her opportunity to share the story of Thistle Farms with her children, who now call it The Important Soap."

This IS important soap. This is the soap that changes lives, creates community, and instills hope. It is a fragrant and beautiful soap that is healing for your body, but it is important because it helps us all love the world." 

Below this blog entry, in our featured products, you'll see The Important Soap made with our all-natural essential oils. Replacing your present hand soap with Thistle Farms Hand Soap (available in 8oz and 16 oz) or our Hand Care Duo directly and immediately impacts the lives of survivors and brightens your day with the truth that love heals.