Five W's with Essential Oil Educator, Theresa Cangialosi

Five W's with Essential Oil Educator, Theresa Cangialosi

Are you new to aromatherapy? Have you been using EOs for a while, but need a refresher? Then this blog’s for you! 

Who: Today we’re chatting with our aromatherapy consultant, and product development wiz, Theresa Cangialosi. Theresa is a walking encyclopedia of Essential Oils, so we’re covering useful basics that are great for the newbie and excellent reminders for those for whom EOs are a way of life.

What: Let’s start off with a real basic: What is an essential oil? Theresa: “An essential oil is the naturally extracted oil of a plant, either liquid or resin. It can come from any part of the plant, the bark, leaf, stem, or root, and always extracted in a natural way, either steam distilled or cold pressed. These oils are the essence or soul of the plant.”

When: When should I use Essential Oils? Theresa: "There are so many possibilities... Use Essential Oils whenever you need a bit of support or just want to enjoy a fresh, natural scent. At home or at work in a diffuser, as an addition to your bath time or skincare, or as a part of your natural/homemade cleaning product collection." Use Thistle Farms Healing Oils, roll-on formulations blended with carrier oils, for on-the-go aromatherapeutic benefits that you apply straight to your skin. Promote feelings ranging from relaxation and calm to focus and clarity, depending upon the situation and the support you need.

Why: Why should I use EOs? Theresa: “Because Essential Oils are chemical free, natural, enjoyable, and they benefit us, body, mind, and spirit.” 

Where: Where can I get the best oils, and how can I recognize the highest quality oils? Theresa: "Listen to your nose! Smell a lot of oils and you'll start to recognize which are the purest and therefore most effective. A true, genuine oil is always going to have some price to it, so if it's really cheap, it's probably too good to be true. Thistle Farms has really high quality oils in a variety of useful blends."

Look for more from Theresa and the Thistle Farms product development team in the upcoming months. We are always working to make wellness products accessible and cost effective-all while supporting survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction. Try our Liquid Hand Soap, available in 8 oz & 16 oz, and read this blog to find out what makes it so "important."