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Introducing Natural Cleaners Made With Thistle Farms Essential Oils

Are you ready to kick the household cleaning chemicals once and for all? With a little effort and few simple ingredients, you can have a sparkling, great smelling, naturally clean house that's chemical free! 

This spring, we dedicated ourselves to creating and testing natural household cleaners that we can all feel good about using, with the added benefit of our exclusive line of highest-quality essential oils. Using time honored homemade recipes with this modern upgrade, we've developed recipes for your laundry, surfaces, and glass, as well as a bathroom/kitchen scrub that is so gently effective and sweet smelling that you'll look forward to cleaning day. 

You can clean just about anything in your home for a fraction of the cost of commercially available household cleaners with these gentle, cost-effective and safe-for-everyone recipes. And supporting the survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction at Thistle Farms while doing something that is genuinely good for your family makes these recipes even more ethical-and special!

Don't you love knowing that the #LoveHeals philosophy that we use to care for our bodies applies to our homes too?