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Natural Bathroom & Kitchen Scrub Recipe

by Stacye Wilson

Almost everyone has a story about cleaning their bathroom and becoming a little (or maybe even a lot) overcome by the fumes from common cleaners. Bleach, ammonia, and other heavy duty cleaning products certainly do the jobs for which they’re made, but can be a little much for those with respiratory or skin sensitivities, and those who prefer a more natural approach to household cleaning. There is an easier, safer, gentler, cheaper way, Thistle Farmers!

This bathroom scrub is the easiest recipe you’ll ever make. With just three ingredients, it packs major cleaning power into a simple, ethical recipe that gets a big boost from Thistle Farms Essential Oils. We especially like adding our Energy Essential Oil for it’s fresh citrus mint aroma and the antibacterial qualities of ho wood and rosemary.

Gather these items:

2 cups baking soda

1 tablespoon natural dish soap

10-15 drops Thistle Farms Energy Essential Oil.

Whisk together, store in an airtight container. Sprinkle into pre-moistened bathtub/shower and scrub with a natural bristle brush. Natural bristles hold on to the scrub better than smooth synthetic bristles, keeping the scrub actually where you’re scrubbing. Moisten tub with our all purpose spray cleaner instead of water for particularly challenging cleaning jobs.

You’ll be amazed by how quickly and easily your bathroom sparkles and how the fresh scent remains after you’ve finished.

Happy cleaning, Thistle Farmers.


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