Natural Glass Cleaner Recipe

Let the sunshine in with this DIY glass cleaning recipe featuring Thistle Farms Focus Oil.

Let the sunshine in!

Isn’t it always amazing how bright and open a room feels with freshly cleaned windows? It’s a pretty big job, but so worth it. After trying several formulations, this is the one that has worked best for us. Easy to mix, easy to use, and it produces a streak-free shine in minutes.

Ingredients and supplies:

2 cups water (we prefer distilled or filtered)

2 cups white vinegar

10 drops Thistle Farms Focus Essential Oil

Pinch of cornstarch

Spray bottle (preferably glass)


Mix together, shake before using, spray windows and mirrors generously and buff with a dry cloth or old newspaper (yay for recycling!) The addition of Focus Oil is a game changer for us. The scent is clean and motivational and some of our product testers have said that they feel like the addition of the oil helps to cut down on mirror fogging in the bathroom. Try for yourself and report back to us!

And seriously, “Focus” just makes sense as a window and mirror cleaning addition, right? Try all of our DIY natural cleaning recipes featuring Thistle Farms Essential Oils.

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