Six Ways Thistle Farms Essential Oils Can Help You Live Your Best Life

Looking for natural remedies to some of life’s most common challenges? Ancient-yet-modern Essential Oils can help you enjoy your best life in aromatherapeutic style. At Thistle Farms, your purchases not only support happy living for you, but ensure meaningful work at a living wage for women survivors.


Looking for natural remedies to some of life’s most common challenges? Essential Oils can help you enjoy your best life in aromatherapeutic style. You can feel good about caring for yourself with Thistle Farms products because your purchases not only support holistic wellness for you, but ensure meaningful work at a living wage for women survivors. 

So let's get started!

Banish brain fog. We all have those days when coffee and list-making don’t quite clear the cobwebs. Bright citrus and stimulating mint can help us focus on the jobs before us with improved concentration and mental performance.

Thistle Farms Focus roll-on Healing Oil features lemon, grapefruit, peppermint and other potent oils for a portable boost whenever your brain feels foggy. Also available in Focus essential oil to diffuse distractions away!

Tame stress & anxiety. Countless studies have shown that essential oils can be very useful in treating psychological upsets such as stress and anxiety. By stimulating positive signals in your brain, EOs can significantly reduce a tendency toward negative emotional responses.

Calm Healing Oil features the comforting aromas of citrus, woods, and spices to bring rest to your mind. Massage into pulse points, breathe deeply, and enjoy a renewed feeling of peace and contentment. Also available in Calm essential oil-a few drops on the floor of your shower turns a regular shower into a shower of relaxing good vibes.

Sleep soundly. A lot of research has been done on the sleep-inducing effects of some essential oils. The overwhelming majority of studies concur that lavender essential oil has a positive impact on the body’s ability to fall asleep and stay asleep.

The deep floral richness of Bulgarian Lavender is one of our Classic Scents! For over 20 years, this growing line of bath, body, home, and personal care products have worked to clear the path to restorative sleep for many. From lavender vegan soy candles to luxurious lavender body butter, you're sure to find a favorite!

Ditch depression. There are numerous possible reasons for occasional bouts of minor depression. Lack of sleep, gloomy weather, and hormonal fluctuations are just a few. The aromatic molecules present in high quality essential oils can have a direct impact on areas of the brain which control feelings of depression, listlessness, and sadness.

Spicy cinnamon and cheerful grapefruit are just two of the invigorating aromas in Thistle Farms Energy Healing Oil and Energy essential oil. Elevate your mood and adjust your attitude by mixing a few drops of EO into a spray bottle with witch hazel for an air freshener that will inspire you to look on the bright side. However, if you are concerned about the severity or length of a depressive episode, please see your doctor.

So long, cold and flu germs. Trying to avoid germs? They’re everywhere! Back to school season is fast approaching, and when we hit the classroom, the germs come in with us. You can blast germs with powerfully microbial EOs that stimulate the production of white blood cells to boost the immune system as well as clean and sanitize your home and workspace.

Diffuse Immunity essential oil and feel confident that it will help kill airborne bacteria and viruses, soothe the respiratory system, and freshen stale rooms by introducing moisture and the antiviral compounds of eucalyptus, spearmint and lemon into the air. Add a few drops to a spray bottle of water, white vinegar or witch hazel to eliminate microorganisms on surfaces.

Bring back balance. Negative thoughts and emotions-we all have them sometimes. When these perfectly normal feelings overpower our gentler, more serene feelings, they can significantly impact our lives and well-being. Using pure essential oils can help balance out your state of mind with almost immediate positive effects.

Place a few drops of our Balance essential oil in a sink full of hot water and breathe in the steamy vapors as you welcome more grounded and less panicked feelings back in. Massage Balance Healing Oil into your temples for a perfect reset.

Congratulations! You've moved into serious best-life territory!

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