5 W's with Rita

5 W's with Rita

Today Rita, Thistle Farms Administrative and Accounting Coordinator, answers our 5Ws in true Rita style.

Who: "Who, me? I'm Rita! Also known as Rita Mae, also known as GrandRi, also known as a Sister for Life - Thistle Farms Residential graduate. I'm just me, and that means something different to everyone who loves me."

What: 'What I am is just about the same as who I am. Being a grandmother and being a forever sister to the other women who have graduated from Thistle Farms are very strong motivators, so I try to be the best that I can be-for myself and for the me that others depend upon."

Where: "Here! You can find me most days here at Thistle Farms, in my office, at my desk, doing the work that keeps all of these wheels running smoothly.

I love Thistle Farms. This job and this work are not always easy, but it's always the place where I know someone will "get" me and understand my joys and struggles. Together in this place, our hearts are generally in the right place, our actions are usually loving, and our products tell the world that love really does heal. When I'm home, the Citrus Wood Hand Care Duo in my bathroom makes me proud and brings me back around to gratitude, even on stressful days. It makes me smile."

When: "My most important when happened 10 years ago. I came to Thistle Farms when I was finally sick and tired of being sick and tired. I felt old and I was DONE with the streets and the way my life was while I was out there. Best decision I ever made for myself" 

Why: "One of my favorite sayings is 'It is what it is.' That's the 'why' to a lot of questions. When we start to get the fact that some things just are, and our relationship with those things is a reflection of how we react to them, that might be when we start figuring this life out."

Thanks, Rita!