DIY Facial Serum for All Skin Types with Thistle Farms Essential Oil

If you've been to a department store skin care section recently you're probably familiar with serums. Those tiny glass dropper bottles of oils seem so magically prescriptive and helpful, but the price tag can can be overwhelming. Enter do-it-yourself serums made with a few pure, nourishing, and affordable ingredients.

Let's start at the beginning - facial serums are lightweight moisturizers that contain a highly concentrated amount of nourishing ingredients. Typically, facial serums are a mixture of high quality oils and extracts that have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and hydrating properties. 

These skin-loving lipids play a crucial role in maintaining the strength of the skin's protective barrier, which holds moisture, protects the skin from damage and keeps dirt and impurities out. They also aid the skin's natural repair process.

All skin types need moisture and oil. (What, even oily skin?) Yes! even oily skin, which is often stripped of natural oils by harsh cleansers, setting off a cycle of overproduction of oil, breakouts, and continued use of harsh cleansers. Maintaining a healthy moisture and oil balance is crucial to glowing, healthy skin.

This recipe makes a small amount, but remember a little goes a long way! Jojoba and argan oils can be found in the health food or natural beauty section of many grocery stores. Coconut and almond oils are good substitutes and available just about everywhere.

*1 tablespoon jojoba oil

*1 tablespoon argan oil

*2 drops Thistle Farms Balance Essential Oil (with lavender, lemon, geranium and vanilla to soothe and balance skin with botanical care.) Do not use if allergic to any of these ingredients. 

Mix in a clean and sanitized glass jar and store in a dark, cool, dry place. Apply to freshly cleaned skin to lock in moisture and add a healthy glow. 1-2 drops is plenty for oily skin, 3-4 drops for dry skin.


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