Sobriety During Isolation - Time to Get Creative

Social distancing has been challenging for those who are in recovery. While social systems such as Alcoholics Anonymous and other meeting-based staples of recovery have largely gone online, the obvious lack of face-to-face interaction has left many to find new and creative ways to supplement their recovery efforts in a set of circumstances for which they never planned.

Back in March, when everything became frightening and complicated, the women of Thistle Farms Residential decided to simplify. Slowing down, practicing gratitude, and keeping our hands busy have helped us to stay on track within the chaos of this unprecedented time. 

Thistle Farms founder, Becca Stevens has often said that Thistle Farms exists at the crossroads of social justice and arts & crafts, and it's never felt as true as it has during Covid-19. By painting, beading, knitting, crocheting and more, we've stayed well and created a lot of beautiful things!

While dedicating ourselves to crafting at home we have had time to sit with ourselves and our housemates, intentionally processing how far recovery has already taken us and how much father we can go. Through our virtual Craft In gatherings  we have met many crafty lovers of sobriety and social justice. It has been a gift to be "together." 

As we adapt to what normal might look like in the weeks and months to come, we are safe, cared for, and as residents of the recovery program and employees of the social enterprise, we are thankful for the light that our Thistle Farms community has been during this global crisis.

If you are an addict and are experiencing difficulty in your recovery, reach out to your sponsor or a close friend or family member. If you love an addict, check in and make sure they are making their sobriety a priority. If you need help finding recovery resources, start here. Standing together in a circle has always represented what we can do holding on to the person on either side of us, not alone. Whether in-person or virtually, we continue to hold each other up and love continues to heal. 





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