Let's Talk Wellness...

Let’s talk wellness… It’s a buzzword that we hear a lot, but what exactly does it mean?

Let’s talk wellness…

It’s a buzzword that we hear a lot, but what exactly does it mean?

Wellness is the daily process of making choices that lead to a healthy and fulfilling life. It is more than not being sick, it is a practice of loving and caring for ourselves. It’s making thoughtful choices and living a life characterized by feeling good and being happy.

To be honest, some days it means getting a salad with that burger and on other days it means getting fries. There are many days when wellness means a fragrant bath and an early bedtime. It’s saying yes, or no, to a glass of wine. It’s gratitude. It’s balance, calm, focus, and intentionally slowing down and loving ourselves well.

In 2020, we’re taking a deep dive into the concept of wellness, how we each define it for ourselves, and how to achieve it. We will have new products and time-honored practices. There will be something for everyone, even skeptics and those who feel they have no time for self care. (Spoiler-that was most of us until we learned a few important wellness truths.)

Our residential recovery program is built on a foundation of self care and wellness. When women arrive, they spend the first part of their two years with us learning and practicing wellness. Rest, nutrition, and lavishly loving bodies that have survived harsh conditions is the very first order of business. Hundreds of women have come through our program and we’ve seen hundreds of lives and bodies experience deep healing. 

We’ve spent two decades hand-crafting wellness products, starting before “wellness” was even used to describe the body and home products we make. We love seeing the transformations of those who observe some simple practices to care for their their bodies and their whole selves. We hope you’ll join us on this wellness journey throughout 2020!


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