The Sweetest Homecomings

Dorothy knew what she was talking about… There’s no place like home. While we’re all going to encounter a wicked witch or two out in the world, for most of us home is always there, awaiting our return like a prize for surviving the tornados of the day.

The harsh realities that residents and graduates of Thistle Farms Residential (aka Magdalene) faced during active addiction or trafficking were often open-ended, with long stretches of time without the promise of home's comfort and acceptance. Memories of home were among the few good things on the streets where thistles bloomed and fear flourished.

We love how you have embraced the work of bringing home women survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction. We love that you use our candles to light the way for women who are still out there. We love that you ask what else can be done to make home a reality for more survivors. We love you and love that you love us.

You can celebrate homecomings with us in many ways. Buy a candle and light the path home for the next woman coming off the streets while insuring employment and meaning for those of us who have already found our way home.

Grab items from our Residential Wishlist (individual items starting at $10) or our Welcome Basket Wishlist ($200 provides everything a woman needs when she enters Thistle Farms Residential.)

After two years in our residential program, we proudly move women along to their next home with housewarming gifts and a lifelong sisterhood of support. For $500, our Move-out Wishlist provides all move-out necessities & special extras.

When women become homeowners, there is an even deeper appreciation of the importance, and safety, of home. In 2019, five graduates became homeowners, taking the concept of ‘home” to a new level for themselves and their families. Brenda’s ribbon cutting ceremony for her Habitat house (photo above) was one of the most joy-filled celebrations we’ve ever attended! Along with some high profile help from President Jimmy Carter and a crew from the Discovery Channel and HGTV, she was involved in every step of the building of her house and now lives in her "forever home." 

If it is true that a heart is not judged by how much we love, but by how much we are loved by others, our hearts and homes are completely full by being loved so well by our loving community. Thanks, as always, for being Thistle Farmers.


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