Meet Trish, Thistle Farms Education & Outreach Department

Trish is a person who makes others feel welcomed. That's an important skill at Thistle Farms, and one that has served her well in various departments.

"I am AMAZED that I have actually worked at the same place for five entire years. I learned job skills in our Cafe as the Events Manager, then moved over to our Customer Service Department. Now I have the opportunity to be a part of our National Network of Sister Organizations where I get to meet likeminded people offering women (like me) the chance to recover through their own social enterprises."

We believe that employment is more than just giving someone a job. Employment gives a person purpose, vocation, and for the women who are residents and graduates of our residential recovery program, a chance at previously unrealized financial independence. 

To date, Thistle Farms has provided over 100,000 hours of employment through our social enterprises, resulting in almost $2M in income for women survivors.

"They say if your work is something you love to do, that you never "work" a day in your life. Those who know where I started from know how true that is for me today. Just because life is great doesn’t mean it’s always easy, but being able to be present in my job and family is a gift. I wouldn't want it any other way."



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