Staying Positive with the Power of "No"

Staying Positive with the Power of "No"

As soon as November hits, it's holiday time at Thistle Farms. For the next 6-8 weeks, we'll come in early and work late. We'll carefully hand-make healing products, welcome hundreds of visitors, and fulfill thousands of holiday orders. We'll sing Christmas music and decorate every inch of our buildings. 

We'll do these things remembering times when holidays came and went without us even noticing, and we'll count the many advantages we enjoy today. As things get busier and busier we'll treat each other with kindness and we'll stay positive with the power of "The No List."

A few weeks ago, our CEO Hal had the idea of making a list of things that, as we work toward our busy season, would get a collective "no" from us. We share them with you in hopes that you'll say no to these stealers of positivity and productivity along with us.

The No List:

No Self Doubt

No Fear

No Distractions

No Giving Up

No Negativity

No Excuses

No Insecurity

No Drama

Enjoy this season ahead with positivity, simplicity, and meaning. And Thistle Farms body & home products for all of your dearest loves!