Meet Katrina, National Sales Director and Healing Expert

Meet Katrina, National Sales Director and Healing Expert

 "As Thistle Farms National Sales Director I spend my days talking to longtime retailers and those who are new to our justice enterprise. Seeing the joy that supporting survivors brings them fuels my work and my healing. Our retailers throughout the country work so hard to tell the story of how love heals. I'm thankful for each of them." 

Katrina can usually be found working hard on behalf of our national retailers. When she's not on the phone or visiting clients in person, she will often be observed listening intently to a Thistle Farms Residential (aka "Magdalene") resident or graduate who is sharing news from their lives, making time for each person who appears at her office door.

Good news, hard news, funny news, we all gravitate toward Katrina with our news. The fact is that we all want Katrina to be proud of us. Her healing words and touches comfort us because her own healing has been so profound. 

"It doesn't make sense to keep it all to ourselves. We share things here, and healing is one of the most sacred things we share. We all give it out and get it back. That's what being a healing community is all about."

Since 1997, Thistle Farms has provided more than 10,000 individual nights of safe, supportive nights of housing for women healing from life on the streets, and 75% of graduates over the past 5 years are employed, sober, and successfully living on their own. Learn more here.

Shop owners and product buyers, contact Katrina to open your account!