Global Gift Guide
Gifts That Celebrate Women Around The World
An investment in women producers heals families and lifts communities out of extreme poverty.



Stitched with sustainability

Anchal offers employment, education, healthcare, and a supportive community to women survivors of exploitation.

Jewelry that holds a story of redemption

From Haiti

At Beljoy, artisans have the opportunity to earn a dignified and consistent wage to keep families together through the art of jewelry making.


essential oil essentials

Sibimbe is comprised of five women determined to create change within their communities. Each product is more than a material item, it is an education in a child’s future. It is hope for a single mother to sustain her family, and a beacon to escape a cycle of poverty in a deserving community.

Charming Morse Code Bracelets

From Thailand

Ethic Goods combines holistic care and business training to provide healing and economic freedom for survivors of human trafficking.

Accessories That Shine with Hope and Healing

From Cambodia

Penh Lenh, meaning "whole," empowers young women in Cambodia to pursue their life goals through fair and dignified employment, skill training, and educational opportunities.


Nourishing Financial empowerment

Moringa Madres cultivates moringa — a nutrient-rich leaf — to gain economic opportunity for their families.

Jewelry Forged in Freedom

From Nashville, Tennessee

Crafted by women survivors overcoming homelessness, domestic violence, and incarceration, Resera uses 100% recycled metals - making it better for people and the planet.

Rwanda, Uganda, and Ghana

Woven with Timeless traditions

Woven to bring sustainable and fair wage employment to marginalized communities. Each Kazi item takes 4-7 days to complete. 

Handcrafted To Bring Cheer

From Peru

Melange Collection provides employment opportunities to give women artisans a fair wage for their local craft passed down from generation to generation.

South East Asia

Handcrafted to Strengthen community

Through dignified employment, women artisans are given the resources to strengthen their families, communities, and themselves.