Gifts that Celebrate Women Around the World

Global Shared Trade

Centering Women Artisans

Each artisan partner has a programmatic element such as healthcare, childcare, food security, housing, agriculture, and legal advocacy to address sexual exploitation, trafficking, and extreme poverty around the world.

Collective Humanity in Cambodia

Consciously Crafted to Mend a Country

Through educational and economic opportunities, Collective Humanity assists in the post-genocide rebuild.

Weaving Community and Dignity

Himalayan Naari and Local Women’s Handicrafts in The Himalayas.


Hewing Generational Change

Through an education-centered approach to social justice, Lazarus Artisan Goods pairs careful craftsmanship with social resources as an unstoppable agent for generational economic transformation.

Embodying Collective Sisterhood

Beljoy in Haiti

Zuahaza in Columbia

Equality is the Best Accessory 

Zuahaza creates unique products in Colombia that reflect diversity, history, and dreams.

Handcrafted to Create Change

Starfish Project in Northeast Asia

Love Welcomes in Greece

Replacing Displacement with Hope

Hundreds of women and children fled their war ravaged homes seeking safety in Greece with little more than the life jackets they were given. These jackets have been resurrected, transformed, and woven into beautiful textiles by the very women whose lives they saved not once, but over and over again.

Accessories That Shine With Hope and Healing

Penh Lenh in Cambodia


Woven With Timeless Traditions

Woven to bring sustainable and fair wage employment to marginalized communities. Each Kazi item takes 4-7 days to complete and is touched by an average of 16 people.

Spun With Intentionality

Sustainable Threads in India

Thistle Farms Global Shared Trade