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Gifts That Celebrate Women Around The World
Your purchase makes a difference in the lives of women survivors.

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Our Artisan Partners Share These Values


We partner with organizations committed to offering a safe and healthy work environment, including fair wages. 


Our partners employ majority women artisans and leadership to continue the growth of women at the center of their mission. 


In addition to economic development, our partners also provide programs, such as healthcare, childcare, food security, residential homes, agricultural development, and legal advocacy. 

Mission Lazarus

Leather goods from Honduras

Through an education-centered approach to social justice, Mission Lazarus pairs leather craftsmanship with social resources for generational economic transformation.

Purposeful Decor

Woven to bring sustainable and fair wage employment to marginalized communities.

Ethic Goods

Morse Code Bracelets from Thailand

Ethic Goods combines holistic care and business training to provide healing and economic freedom for survivors of human trafficking. 

Love Welcomes

Welcome Mats Made In Greece

Woven with strips of the life jackets worn as refugees fled Syria. These fibers have been transformed into a symbol of hope and welcome. The proceeds provide legal assistance and food security to the entire camp.

Welcome Mat
Welcome Mat
Welcome Mat
Welcome Mat
Welcome Mat
Welcome Mat
Welcome Mat
Welcome Mat
Welcome Mat
Welcome Mat
Welcome Mat
Welcome Mat
Welcome Mat
Welcome Mat
Welcome Mat
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Stone Wash
Sapphire Stone
Aqua Stone
Aqua Sapphire
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These welcome mats serve as a symbol of welcome and acceptance for refugees.

Woven out of fabrics available within the camp and vicinity. Each mat contains strips of life jacket fabric of various colors and up-cycled blanket fabric.

  • Approximately 32" x 24"
  • Colors vary


Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry from Haiti

Many families in Haiti are forced to relinquish their children to orphanages due to economic stability. Beljoy provides employment opportunities to keep more families together. 

Melange Collection

Holiday Cheer from Peru

Melange Collection provides employment opportunities to give women artisans a fair wage for their local craft passed down from generation to generation.