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Enneagram Gift Guide
Gifts hand-picked for every personality type.

1 - The Perfectionist

Improving the world and themselves.

2 - The Helper

Support self love and loving others.

3 - The Achiever

Promote productivity and engage people.​

4 - The Individualist

Make them stand out and feel special.

5 - The Investigator

Promote knowledge and information.

6 - The Loyalist

Gifts that are safe and cozy.

7 - The Enthusiast

Support their adventurous spirit.

8 - The Challenger

Gifts that are powerful and part of something bigger.

9 - The Peacemaker

Bring inner peace and add to their collections.

New To The Enneagram?

Learn about it from enneagram expert and beloved Thistle Farmer, Ian Cron.