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A history steeped in brokenness. Now bold with hope.
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a strong force for change:

History of Tea

It has started wars and united world leaders. It has been smuggled, taxed, and trafficked. It has been a symbol of celebration and honor.

In its 3,500 year history, tea has helped usher in economic and spiritual growth, but also brewed up an incredible amount of worldwide injustice, however. It is linked to trafficking by oppression and the opiate wars, often resulting in the exploitation of women and vulnerable communities. For this reason, tea is an important part of Thistle Farms' mission.

The Importance of Fair Trade:

Tea & Trafficking

Every year, 7 million new victims are forced into labor trafficking within the growing and harvesting steps of the tea production process every year.

Buying Fair Trade certified tea ensures the ethical treatment and payment of tea workers, therefore protecting and empowering women and entire communities around the world.

Thistle Farms proudly partners with tea farmers around the world to support ethical tea growing processes and fair wages.

Thistle Farms Global Partner:

Moringa Madres

Moringa Madres (spanish for "mother"), is a social justice enterprise employing survivors who grow, harvest, and sell the nutrient-rich leaf to gain economic freedom for their families.

Each purchase of Moringa Madres tea provides financial empowerment and independence for women, in addition to incredible health benefits for your body and soul!

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with Thistle Farms President Becca Stevens' book and Moringa Madres' organic tea.

The Way of Tea and Justice Book + Moringa Tea
The Way of Tea and Justice Book + Moringa Tea
The Way of Tea and Justice Book + Moringa Tea
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By Becca Stevens

While tea has helped usher in economic and spiritual growth in its 3,500 year history, it has also been part of the oppression of women. It’s tied to the mission of Thistle Farms through the stories of the oldest forms of human trafficking, trading of opiates in China, and sexual violence in the fields of India.

But tea has a noble story too, as its rituals and symbolism are great companions for cultivating justice. Whether being dumped into a harbor, served by Gandhi as he negotiated freedom, or fundraising for the Women’s Suffrage Movement, tea has played a part in every revolution since the 1700s. Tea creates an environment of rituals, offering dignity and creating dialogue.

As you read, enjoy a cup of Pure Moringa Tea, grown and harvested by women survivors in Mexico working to end the cycle of violence and vulnerability of generational poverty. Deeply healing and nourishing, Moringa is filled with proteins, antioxidants and vitamins. May it sustain and strengthen us for the work that lays ahead.

Thistle Farms Global Partner
3 Mountains Tea
3 Mountains goes beyond Fair Trade. In addition to paying a premium for tea, they provide seed funding to culturally-appropriate business ideas to help alleviate food insecurity and poverty in Rwanda for genocide survivors.
Organic Fair Trade Tea
Organic Fair Trade Tea
Organic Fair Trade Tea
Organic Fair Trade Tea
Organic Fair Trade Tea
Organic Fair Trade Tea
Organic Fair Trade Tea
Organic Fair Trade Tea
Organic Fair Trade Tea
Organic Fair Trade Tea
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Our loose leaf Tima Tea is sustainably-grown, ethically-sourced, and hand-harvested. Enjoy hot or chill for a refreshing iced tea.

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