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Practically Divine

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The divine is all around us, calling us to see and taste it for ourselves.

  • We can find our deep truth and purpose while we are on the way to the grocery store or struggling to make a marriage work.
  • We can find beauty while we go through a TSA checkpoint or walk along any sidewalk.
  • We can feel gratitude sitting in a waiting room or forgiving ourselves for one thing we didn’t get done.

Love is where the temporal and the eternal meet. The love explored in this writing is love that feels practical and specific. It is the kind of love that moves from ideals into practices that take on flesh and bone.

Practically Divine is not an oxymoron. It is as poetic as being optimistic in the midst of depression or as vital as sitting in silence with a friend who can’t take any more advice. It is both and, not either or.

Practice might not lead to perfection, but it will lead us closer to love.


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