2021 Candidate for Graduation

My daughter Meleia came into the world a tiny two pounds. She was my motivation for staying clean for several years, even when my mother, my best friend, was diagnosed with end-stage cancer. 

The relapse that followed my mom's passing was a big one. I lost custody of Meleia to my brother and his wife. I tried so hard, but that death was just one more trauma in a long line of trauma.

How I lived through those days is nothing short of a miracle.

When I heard about Thistle Farms Residential, I wasn’t interested. I didn’t feel like I had time for a two year program, but two intensive years at Thistle Farms Residential was exactly what I needed to begin my journey of healing.

Rebuilding lost connection to my family is my greatest joy.

Inch by inch, I am gaining back my relationship with Meleia. We were on a video call this morning and when it was time to hang up we just decided to stay connected and carry the phones around with us as we got ready for our day.

Moments like that are my lifeline.

Because I took the time to heal, I can now look forward to building a beautiful future with my children.