The Women of Thistle Farms


2007 Graduate

Today I’m married to the love of my life, I’m a mother to my daughter, and I enjoy my work as National Sales Director. I’m thankful that my family and Thistle Farms never gave up on me and I get to pay that forward by believing that love can heal the next woman to come through our doors.


2005 Graduate

Before, I was in and out of jail, and I delivered my daughter in handcuffs. Today I’m drug free and I work in the Finance Department as the Accounts Payable Manager. 


2020 Graduate

This community and all of my sisters are the most important things in my life. I love my job in our manufacturing department. It’s my dream job and I can’t wait to get here every morning. I have my own place now and when I get back there after work I feel so happy to be there and to be me. 


2020 Graduate

The women who first told me about Thistle Farms are as awesome as they were when we first met, except now that goodness is accompanied by meaningful employment, drug free living, and freedom. I owe my life to this place of unconditional love and support and to the women who led me here.


2021 Candidate for Graduation

Because I took the time to heal, I can now look forward to building a beautiful future with my children. 


2020 Graduate

I was so tired when I laid it all down. Years of trafficking, addiction, and shame had chipped away at me and there wasn’t much left. It took every remaining bit of me to ask for help. That was the day when I started a new life.


2020 Graduate

One of the greatest gifts of healing is that it has a tendency to spread. My own wellness has brought restoration to my family. Sometimes that light makes its way into places that didn’t even know they were dark until the light showed up.


2020 Graduate

Living life as a sober person is new to me. Being in a loving community is new to me. Having a great job is new to me. Being trusted is new to me. Thistle Farms helped me get my life back and I'm going to live it to the fullest.


2020 Graduate

I lived in the mud for a long time and my mom and my sister prayed for me constantly. Little did any of us know that while it looked like those prayers weren’t working, they were. My roots grew strong and I can stand tall on my own now.


2009 Graduate

Today I have all of the things that I dreamed of and now I’m looking ahead to what to do with that. What can I do to make the world better, what can I do to help the suffering. I want to give grace in the same amount that I have found it.



2017 Graduate

I can’t even tell you in words how great my life is today. I own a house and a car, I have a full-time job managing an office of about 300 people. I even started a retirement fund! People trust me and rely on me.