2007 Graduate

I was dealing with sexual abuse and the break up of my family. I started smoking pot and drinking, and I dropped out of high school in the last quarter of my senior year. I was introduced to crack at 22 and soon found myself selling myself for the next hit while my mother raised my daughter.

I went through treatment several times, but always relapsed. During a peaceful period I discovered I had contracted HIV. I went back out to the streets again - I was lost and I expected to die out there.

I knew that traditional programs didn’t work for me. Thistle Farms Residential was different, my program was designed for me and my individual trauma, which there was a lot of.

Today I’m married to the love of my life, I’m a mother to my daughter, and I enjoy my work as National Sales Director. I’m thankful that my family and Thistle Farms never gave up on me and I get to pay that forward by believing that love can heal the next woman to come through our doors.